Web Design

You need a new website? You need a complete solution for real!

€ 1,000 a day? Your website can earn € 1,000 a day if properly designed.

Together with you, we will analyze in detail the target group! Who are these people who have their problems, demands and needs? What are the options to meet their needs?

Based on a comprehensive analysis, elaborate approach to communication, design, functionality and marketing activities, and will create a project plan to achieve sales of € 1,000 minimum daily!

3 Follow the rules:

– Be unique – stand out from the forest like
– Get a clear message
– Call to action – “Call to Action”

IMPERIA focuses on high quality solutions. Fast and cheap solutions are definitely lost time and money and that’s not our style. Our products are expensive but the money back from 100 to 1000 times. The real examples are travel agencies, online shops, group buying.

We are guided by what your customers want and expect, solve their problems and needs and to their pack in the best way!

Security, stability and security are a priority of our project and recognizable quality or design.

Web design, development of portals, internet shops and web applications work in Laravel (for medium and large projects) and WordPress (for smaller presentations).

The process of making web site is carried out through several steps:

– The research potential of ideas, market size, competitors and keywords
– Analysis of the project
– Wireframe (sketch project)
– Design
– coding
– programming
– testing
– Entering content
– online marketing

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